About Lecien

Our Business

Garment Division

Garment division is composed of the intimate apparel business and the ladies' outerwear business.

Intimate Apparel Business

We design, produce, and sell high-performance, and fashionable ladie's underwear.

Our impeccably designed and highly functional products provide high quality and customer satisfaction.

Ladies' Outerwear Business

We design, produce, and sell cut-and-sewns, sweaters, shirts, blouses, and jackets for teenagers as well as for adult women.

Featuring the latest trends, we produce high value-added merchandise with excellent materials selected domestically and overseas.

Art & Hobby Division

We design, produce, and sell handicraft goods such as embroidery supplies and patchwork fabrics.

"Cosmo embroidery thread", our core product, is widely used and has a 50% share of the market in Japan. We also export our original cotton print fabric to countries throughout Asia, Europe and America.

Materials Division

We design, produce and sell ladies' underwear, outerwear, embroidery lace fabric for use in furnishings, as well as designing and selling lace trimming for ladies' underwear and fabrics for ladies' apparel.

As we have engaged in the Embroidery lace business since the foundation of our company, this item occupies a high share in the domestic market.

In recent years we have also focused on developing lace designs aimed at the West, and we supply both domestic and overseas manufacturers of ladies' underwear with excellently designed high-quality lace.

In the textile fabrics business we are currently developing Lecien original fabrics for color formal and town formal wear.

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