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COSMO Size 25 Floss

One of our basic COSMO Embroidery flosses, Size 25 is made exclusively out of Extra-long staple cotton of top quality.

Available in 501 colors (6 skeins / box).

Material 100% Cotton
Length 8.75 yard / 8 meter
Color 501 solid colors
Number per box 6 skeins
Strands 6
Yarn count 30 cotton, 2 ply

Color variations


COSMO Size 5 Floss

This floss is best suited not only for embroidering but also quilting, making TEMARI
(Japanese traditional handballs) as well as hair of country dolls.

Material 100% Cotton
Length 27.3 yard / 25 meter
Color 63 solid colors
Number per box 6 skeins
Strands 1
Yarn count 5.7 cotton, 2 ply

Color variations

Secrets of Success for COSMO Embroidery Products

Our secret to producing the superior quality embroidery products is our strong commitment to using only the best raw materials and manufacturing prosses, which result in the vivid colors and soft silky textures that you enjoy today!

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    ①Quality Cotton

    In order to create the beautiful and strong embroidery products that we are known for, we use only the hightest quality Extra-long staple cotton.

    This is known for its strech and durabillity is blended in our own original ratio for the best quality texture and resilience.

    Only 1.8% of gross global cotton production is Extra-long staple cotton, we use for COSMO Embroidery Floss.

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    ②Elegant Luster

    The vivid silky shine of COSMO Embroidery Floss brings out a brighter and eye-catching color.

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    ③Long-lasting Elegant Colors

    Our expanded collection of 501 colors all resist fading and discoloring due to the advanced craftsmanship of our special processing techniques.

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    ④Quality You Can Trust

    Thorough our strict inspection and testing processes, our customers are guaranteed to satisfying high quality products.