Ms. Yoko Saito, a prominent and celebrated quilt artist is from Ichikawa City in Chiba, Japan. Her detailed and intricate needlework and exquisitely colored “taupe color” quilting projects have garnered much attention and popularity from people worldwide. Ms. Saito learned to quilt in 1977 under teacher, Chuck Nohara. In 1985, she launched a combination quilt shop and quilting school called “Quilt Party, Co., Ltd.” as her base of operations. She is a prolific designer, quilter, and author with many books in the market. She is actively involved with Japanese magazines, television shows, and exhibitions. In recent years she has become a sought worldwide for quilt exhibitions and to teach seminars in France, Italy, Taiwan, and other international locations. Make sure to follow Ms. Yoko Saito’s work on: facebook @Yoko Saito and Instagram @yokosaito_quiltparty.


Our business relationship with Ms. Yoko Saito started more than 20 years ago when she began designing her own fabric line “Centenary Collection”. This year marks the celebration of the release of her 24th Centenary Collection. In addition to the Centenary Collection, she also designs a modern Scandinavian fabric line called “Etoffe Imprevue”. Ms. Saito has published more than 60 quilting, sewing, appliqué, and embroidery books in Japanese, many of which have been translated into English by Stitch Publications, and are widely available in the U.S. Yoko Saito is known for her ingenious use of “taupe color”, the concept of using delicate and gentle taupe colors in many quilting and other sewing projects for the last 20 years. Ms. Saito has written a book titled “Yoko Saito’s Japanese Taupe Color Theory – A Study Guide”. The book teaches the simplicity and complexity of a Japanese taupe color palette, and how you can use the taupe colors in your own projects. Each year the Centenary Collection releases both prints and yarn dyed fabrics. We are excited to be releasing our 24th collection by Yoko Saito this year.

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